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Over 100 events across Slovenia to mark the ‘'EU Project, My Project 2019'’ campaign

Over 100 events across Slovenia to mark the ‘'EU Project, My Project 2019'’ campaign

Ljubljana, 10 May 2019 EU funding in Slovenia has supported over 10,000 projects over the past 15 years, and many of these EU-funded projects have turned into success stories of individuals, organisations, municipalities and companies. Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy will launch the EU Project, My Project campaign already for the fifth time in a row tomorrow to highlight all EU-funded projects in Slovenia. Over 100 events will take place between 11 and 18 May 2019 allowing the citizens to find out for themselves how the EU budget is spent to improve their daily lives in a myriad of ways, for example through supply of healthy drinking water, treatment of wastewater, support to start-ups and SMEs, investment in sustainable mobility or energy efficiency, improved care for vulnerable groups, senior citizens and the youth, or better e-services for citizens.

We have joined forces with our project partners to carry out over 100 events marking the EU Project, My Project campaign. Our goal is to spread the message that each project funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund, the Cohesion Fund, and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, which has joined the campaign for the first time this year, is also our joint project.

The events taking place in Slovenian towns and cities between 11 and 18 May will include a number of interesting workshops for all generations, healthy eating and living classes, career workshops, food tastings, site visits, interactive exhibitions, theatre plays, hiking, sports activities and other fun activities catering to the needs of visitors from all walks of life.

See events data here.

The co-financed projects bring about long-term effects that multiply over time and make the lives of citizens better. Each job created, each kilometre of a road, cycling route or railway built, each individual participating in a training programme, each household with improved broadband access, each square metre of RDI and education infrastructure, each health service improved and each investment made in SMEs brings us further and paves the way for future development.  

Join our campaign and visit our events! For more information, go to www.eu-skladi.si.

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