S piškotki izboljšujemo vašo uporabniško izkušnjo. Z uporabo naših storitev se strinjate z uporabo piškotkov. V redu Piškotki, ki jih uporabljamo Kaj so piškotki?

Children in court

Children and young people who need to go to court as witnesses may often feel anxious, afraid or stressed. They need extra support and reassurance from their parents or carers. With the aim of getting the children and young people better prepared for court and making the experience of going to court easier on child witnesses, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia launched a public contract under the project Efficient Justice; as a result, three booklets Children in court were prepared and published. The booklets help the children and young people understand the process and give information about the role and work of courts in a plain, child-friendly language.   

Children's booklets Jan gre na sodišče (Jon goes to court) and Jana gre na sodišče (Jane goes to court) are for boys and girls aged between 5 and 9. The booklets tell them what the court looks like, who works there and how they should act in court. The booklet Ko moraš na sodišče kot priča (When you got to court as a witness) is for boys and girls ages 10 to 14. The three booklets explain to the children in a plain language why people have to go to court, what the courtroom looks like, who the persons working in court are and what they do. The booklets also prepare them for court by explaining what they should do in court and what they should expect once they have given evidence.  

The booklets in PDF format are available below:

Jan gre na sodišče

Jana gre na sodišče

Ko moraš na sodišče kot priča

The booklets were created as part of the project Efficient Justice.

Beneficiary: Ministry of Justice

Programme: Operational Programme for the Implementation of the European Cohesion Policy

in the Period 2014-2020

Fund: European Social Fund

Total project funding: EUR 32,900,000.00 (for the entire project Efficient Justice)

EU contribution: EUR 18,864.000.00 (for the entire project Efficient Justice)