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Competence Model for Higher Quality Public Services

Ministry of Public Administration endeavours to raise the level of competence and integrity of public sector employees by implementing the project Efficient Human Resource Management in the framework of which the Ministry established the Competence Model for Higher Quality Public Services. The model identifies the key management and job-specific skills of individual fields. It was designed as a result of various activities, such as interactive workshops, focus groups, consultations, interviews, web surveys, analyses prepared in cooperation with a wide range of state administration representatives, their personnel services, heads of internal organisational units, and the well-performing employees. The model thus outlines the way of establishing a system for identification and assessment of competences and a system for upgrading and attaining new skills.     

The results of the project will serve as a tool for identifying and developing skills and will prove useful for heads and human resources managers. The results will be used for upgrading competences and skills and acquiring new knowledge which, in turn, makes human resources management more efficient which results in greater professionalism and enhanced competences of public sector employees. All of the abovementioned leads to greater job performance and higher quality of public services.     

Link to guidebook  “Competence Model in State Administration”

Beneficiary: Ministry of Public Administration

Programme: Operational Programme for the Implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy in the Period 2014-2020

Fund: European Social Fund 

EU contribution: EUR 5,468,935.24 (for the project Efficient Human Resource Management)