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Developing airless 100% recyclable packaging

The company Plastika Virant decided to develop an innovative, environmental-friendly and efficient product. The recently-developed innovative and improved packaging system for cosmetics, namely the airless packaging, has the advantage of protecting the contents from coming into contact with air (prevents contamination and oxidation of the content).

The use of airless packaging is increasing in light of the fact that the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries are reducing the use of additives and preservatives in natural cosmetics by also striving to maintain a sufficient shelf life which cannot be achieved if the content is in direct contact with the surrounding air. At the moment the limitation with regard to using this type of packaging is the price, as in most cases such packaging units consist of many components, which entails high manufacturing and assembly costs. Another disadvantage of the current solution is that certain components are made of metal (often, for example, stainless steel springs) which limits or prevents recycling and is not in line with environmental trends and the principle of sustainable production.

The company Plastika Virant thus designed and manufactured a new innovative system of airless packaging for cosmetics, consisting of a minimum number of components. It is uniform in terms of materials used and can be fully recycled by being more affordable for companies in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries whose products do not fall into the highest price range. The company wants to “turn the fight against plastic packaging into a fight against plastic waste. The development of a dispenser without metal components which is made of 100% recyclable plastic is definitely a big step towards this goal, also thanks to EU funding.”

Beneficiary: Plastika Virant d. o. o.

Programme: Operational Programme for the Implementation of EU Cohesion Policy in the Period 2014-2020

Fund: European Regional Development Fund

Project funding: EUR 549,743.60

EU contribution: EUR 247,384.62 

Photo: Plastika Virant