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Ljubljana saves 1 million euros annually through energy renovation of buildings

The first stage of an energy renovation project which has been delivered through a public-private partnership has recently been wrapped up. Energy renovation and improvement of 48 buildings cost EUR 15 million. According to the private partner’s estimates, the project should bring down energy costs and facility management costs by a staggering one million euros per year.

The work represents the first stage of a large-scale energy renovation of buildings owned by the City of Ljubljana under energy performance contracting which started last year and finished this September.  As many as 34 Ljubljana-based kindergartens and schools, several buildings housing units of Ljubljana Community Health Centre or city administration, as well as the central pool of the Tivoli Waterpark, the Tivoli Hall, the Kodeljevo sports hall, the shooting range in the Rudnik district and the Bežigrad unit of the Ljubljana City Library underwent retrofitting. Energy renovation of the first 48 buildings cost EUR 15 million; private funding accounting for 51 % of the project cost came from the companies Resalta and Petrol – private partners expect to get their money back in less than 15 years. Total annual guaranteed heat and electric energy savings exceed 8 million kWh or over a million euros annually. In turn, this means almost 3,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions less, a value equivalent to what 150,000 trees or a 340-hectare forest would absorb in a year. ‘’Most of the retrofitted buildings include schools and kindergartens – this is our contribution to ensuring that our children spend their time learning and playing in a much better, enjoyable and safer learning environment,’’ underlined Jože Torkar from Petrol d.d., the leading energy company in the country.

Jelka Žekar, Deputy Mayor of the City of Ljubljana explained that the project was extremely complex and that the municipality led the way in the field of energy renovation and energy performance of buildings, putting it on the good practice map not only at the European level but also beyond EU borders.

More about the renovation and a video

Beneficiary: City of Ljubljana

Programme: Operational Programme for the Implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy in the Period 2014-2020

Fund: Cohesion Fund

Project funding: about EUR 15,000,000.00

EU contribution: about EUR 6,000,000.00


150 municipalities across Slovenia implemented energy renovation projects in the 2007-2013 programming period; public buildings like schools, kindergartens, community health centres, libraries and other buildings owned by municipalities with a total heating surface area of almost 765,000 m2, which equals the surface area of about 273 normally big primary schools underwent energy retrofits and improvements with extensive support from the EU’s Cohesion Fund.