S piškotki izboljšujemo vašo uporabniško izkušnjo. Z uporabo naših storitev se strinjate z uporabo piškotkov. V redu Piškotki, ki jih uporabljamo Kaj so piškotki?

Reconstruction of the Šoštanj town square making it a friendly traffic area

Reconstruction of the Trga bratov Mravljakov square making it a friendly traffic area

In Šoštanj, EU funding contributed to the renovation of the Trg bratov Mravljakov square, which is now called the Glavni trg square. The Municipality of Šoštanj submitted its project proposals under the Call for proposals for co-financing sustainable mobility measures, and thus contributed to the realisation of the Integrated Transport Strategy objectives aiming to improve the condition of sustainable transport infrastructure.

Prior to the renovation, the square was open to motor vehicle traffic and was used for parking. After the renovation, the square is closed for parking with traffic and parking in the direct vicinity which gave pedestrians and cyclists priority over cars. The square is now regulated with new urban and landscape arrangements and signs to promote walking as a travelling method. Thus, a sustainable mode of mobility has been introduced into the city centre and a quality urban environment has been established which all gives residents a higher quality of living and at the same time encourages them to choose walking as a travelling method.

The project also brought new life into the old town that is once again being used for playing, socialising and enjoying the rich architecture of the square. This will also result in giving local companies an opportunity to revive the square with what they have to offer.

PHOTO: Municipality Šoštanj: the square before and after the renovation


Beneficiary: Municipality Šoštanj

Programme: Operational Programme for the Implementation of the European Cohesion Policy in the Period 2014-2020

Fund:  Cohesion Fund

Total project funding: EUR 12 million

EU contribution: EUR 685,021.70