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Toolmaking industry to benefit from two new robot applications

The aim of the project Robotool-1 was to identify, develop, test and validate flexible cognitive robot applications for the need of workplaces in custom toolmaking. The introduction of robot applications to workplaces increases efficiency, ensures cost savings and improves workplaces in general.

The Dramlje-based company Etra d.o.o. joined forces with EMO-Orodjarna d.o.o., the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the Faculty of Logistics of the University of Maribor and designed two hybrid workplaces where production line workers and collaborative robots simultaneously work and carry out their respective tasks; augmented reality technology and automated production logistics with automated guided vehicles were used in this exercise. The project partners also produced a Guide for the deployment of robots in production processes of toolmaking factories 4.0; the document will be available to the public.

The project partners investigated and validated the existing technological solutions involving the use of collaborative robots, augmented reality and automated guided vehicles for the needs of the identified hybrid workplaces. Based on HORSE evaluation (provided by the Competence Centre Roboflex) and other technologies, project partners assessed the technological maturity of the proposed solutions and set up two dedicated experimental environments to test their suitability. The design of hybrid workplaces built on the use of a collaborative robot, augmented reality technology and automated guided vehicles for production logistics.

Two pilot robot applications were selected out of all identified solutions for deployment in a real-life production environment on the basis of the designed technological scenarios. The developed applications and related technological solutions for the selected pilots were first tested in a laboratory and later transferred to the production environment in a pilot company. Both designed pilots resulted in greater efficiency, economic savings and general workplace improvement. The demo center Competence Center Roboflex designed the DEMO hybrid workplaces to showcase performance of surface treatment tasks on the basis of human-robot collaboration. The Competence Center was also involved in the establishment of a technological platform TP ROBOTOOL 4.0 which provides partners’ technology offer and related services for the development of new industrial solutions facilitating the robotization and digitalization of workplaces and processes of smart production companies.

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Beneficiary: ETRA d.o.o.

Programme: Operational Programme for the Implementation of the European Cohesion Policy

in the Period 2014-2020

Fund: European Regional Development Fund

Total project funding: EUR 2,888,453

EU contribution: EUR 1,984,171