S piškotki izboljšujemo vašo uporabniško izkušnjo. Z uporabo naših storitev se strinjate z uporabo piškotkov. V redu Piškotki, ki jih uporabljamo Kaj so piškotki?
Cohesion by 2013 Slovenščina

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Close your eyes and think about your favourite European capital city.

Now look around and find an EU-funded project. Create a short and attractive video showcasing that project. With a bit of luck, you might win two flight tickets to your favourite European city or a GoPro camera you will use to film your next travel adventure.

How do I enter the Contest?

Send us a 90-second video showcasing a project, a person linked to the project or a story which was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund or the Cohesion Fund. The video should explicitly highlight the EU contribution (via speech, subtitles, shot of a billboard/ plaque/poster or in any other way).

The video should be filmed by a video camera or a mobile phone supporting an HD resolution of (at least) 720p, and should be uploaded to one of your social media channels (Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook or similar). You should send us a link to what you posted via this form by 25 November 2018.

Any text added to the video should be in Slovenian (subtitles in Slovenian or English language are also possible).

The contest is open to EU citizens aged 18 or over.

Details and terms and conditions



Two flight tickets to one of the European capital cities, a GoPro camera and other prizes will be given out.

The flight tickets will be given out to the winner of online voting at www.eu-skladi.si which will open after all entries have been received and will end on 10 December 2018.

A GoPro camera will go to the author of the best video as chosen by a panel of judges.

Other prizes will be given out based on voting by members of INFORM network of EU Regional Policy communication officers.

Winners will be announced on 12 December 2018.

What are EU projects?

Have you ever seen the Ski Jumping World Cup season finale held each year in Planica or visited the Škocjan Caves? Have you ever explored the underground of Geopark Karavanke/Karawanken or used the services of e-government? Have you ever ridden the cycling route in Kranjska Gora?

If so, then you already know at least one EU-funded project. Take a look around, discover the places you live or work in and find a billboard/memorial plaque stating ‘’Investing in your future’’ or find clues at http://eu-skladi.si/sl/ekp/primeri-dobrih-praks (and click on the year in right square). Maybe you are already participating in an interesting project or creating a project you would like others to learn about. You can also check our project database at http://eu-skladi.si/sl/seznam-projektov to get an idea of which project to choose and make a video about.

For further information, please send your inquiries at info.svrk@gov.si.


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