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With the EU funds to the cleaner Savinja river

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The »Integrated municipal waste water collection and treatment and water source protection in the Savinja River Basin« project is the project that was issued the first decision concerning the absorption of funds from the Cohesion Fund in the programming period 2007-2013.

This group of projects with the estimated total value of EUR 30 million will be co-financed from the Cohesion Fund in the amount of EUR 15.1 million.

With these investments the municipalities continue their care for a cleaner river. In 2001, Slovenia, then still a candidate country, and the European Commission signed a financial memorandum on co-financing a project of the construction of a Central waste water management plant Celje worth a bit more than EUR 18 million. The construction of the treatment plant that started operations in April 2004 was co-financed from the ISPA programme in the amount of EUR 8.4 million.
24 Waste-water treatment plant Celje The group of projects will not only contribute to better health and living standard of the inhabitants in the before mentioned municipalities but will also improve the economic infrastructure and living environment. It will also grant considerable protection of natural sources, which is essential to the development and competitive advantage of tourism, food and agricultural sector in the region. This will also add to more balanced development of the region.
The implementation of the group of projects that is expected to be completed in the middle of 2012 is shared by twelve municipalities in the Savinja Basin: the City Municipality of Celje and the municipalities of Žalec, Prebold, Polzela, Braslovče, Šentjur, Laško, Dobrna, Štore, Vojnik, Rečica ob Savinji and Šmartno ob Paki. Three waste water treatment plants will be built, namely in Kasaze, Šentjur and Dobrna, and 48,904m of new sewerage network.


The central objective was to improve the quality of the Savinja River stretching from Celje to Zidani Most and thus also the quality of the Sava River from Zidani Most on. Prior to the beginning of the operations of the treatment plant the Savinja River that flows through Celje was heavily burdened by the inflow of municipal and industrial waste water. This water polluted the river and other water courses to such an extent that not only animals and plants but also people were endangered.

Drinking water supply and waste water collection and treatment will directly impact the quality of life of the inhabitants in the area of Celje and the environment. This is the reason why the waste water treatment plant was one of the most important development projects of the City Municipality of Celje in the past. The entire project from the preparation to implementation was entrusted to a public utility company Vodovod – kanalizacija Celje.


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