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European Social Fund

Best practices on drawing on the European Social Fund funds.

Straight to employment after the graduation: Candidates for Graduation Programme – get activated and employed!
In Slovenia, the number of young unemployed graduates and women remaining prevalent has been increasing. Lucija and Tjaša are graduates who managed to get employed immediately after the completion of their studies via the Candidate for Graduation Programme – get activated and employed that they were included into in 2010.
Promotion of first job seeker employment in the field of social care – trainees
On the labour market the number of graduates in social sciences that match the professional profile in the field of social care. Due to a high number of organizations operating in the field of social security and their staff problems the opportunities for trainees are limited and thus also the employment of qualified staff. The »Trainees« programme will encourage the social care organizations to employ trainees at least for the period of traineeship and thus enable better opportunities and chances to the graduates in social sciences and indirectly it will strengthen public institutes and non-governmental organizations that will recruit new suitably qualified personnel to perform activities in social care. Indirectly, this will have an impact on the quality of services in the assistance provided to persons in social distress and with problems due to financial difficulties and social exclusion.
Project »Hand in hand« - Intergenerational coexistence
Hand in hand is an intergenerational project aimed at establishing and spreading solidarity and coexistence among generations by actively and creatively spending leisure time together.
The e-administration portal wishes to establish better connection between the citizens and e-administration and better use of e-services.
Project: Sound recording of main hearings and hearings in legal proceedings - the biggest technological modernisation of the working of courts after the introduction of computers
Sound recording of main hearings and hearings in legal proceedings is one of the key steps to increase the efficiency of the judicial system, which is the main objective of the e-justice project.
Regional hub of non-governmental organizations of Podravje – Nevladna.org
Co-financed projects strengthen the capacities of NGOs and their cooperation in the policy making.
Subsidy for self-employment
Under the Operational Programme of Human Resource Development for the period 2007 -2013 the programme has been implemented since 2009.
Factory of work – entering the labour market
The project FACTORY OF WORK – ENTERING THE LABOUR MARKET was implemented in the period between November 2009 and November 2011 with the help of the European Social Fund. In the framework of the project the restaurant “Gostilna dela” was opened. The restaurant employed 5 young people. The project contributed to solving the problem of social exclusion of the vulnerable target group of young people who concluded the programme in the re-education institution of Višnja Gora due to behavioural and emotional and other reasons. In the framework of the project the project operators (CENTERKONTURA Company or consulting, social development, vocational and professional training and publishing, Ltd., the educational institute Višnja Gora and the Society for Developing of Social Programmes and Social Entrepreneurship) were granted 249,201.00 Euros for the period of 24 months out of which the EU contributed 85%.
Project learning for young adults (PLYA)
University of Ljubljana Career Centre
Learning to learn
We choose non-violence and we are free
Competence centre for human resources in glass industry – CC GLASSWORKER
Establishment of social enterprises and social innovations incubator
Document Actions
Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, Kotnikova 5, 1000 Ljubljana

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