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The e-administration portal wishes to establish better connection between the citizens and e-administration and better use of e-services.

The e-administration State Portal is the point of entry to access various types of information on the state and public administration. In addition to the provision of information on public administration the aim is to bring administrative services closer to users via the Internet. Next to classical communication channels the users can also take the electronic channel to perform services via life events and e-cooperation. The e-administration follows the vision of e-administration providing friendly, simple, accessible and safe electronic administrative services via the Internet available any time and anywhere.


Citizens, business partners and public administration employees are offered services via the Internet that are to satisfy their needs and enable equal opportunities to them to access and use these services.

Public administration considerably reduced operating costs by using Internet operations and the shift to e-commerce.

Front line civil servants have been disburdened and time savings have been achieved and that is mainly reflected in better efficiency and transparency of operations and more quality satisfaction of the needs of citizens. The objective of public administration and in particular e-administration is to provide efficient, quality, accessible, simple, reliable, open and transparent operations. The surveys and studies focusing on the portal upgrading also serve to identify the information that the users (citizens, legal entities, civil servants) need.


The e-administration State Portal is the point of entry where all the information on the public administration procedures is available and where e-business or e-services of public  administration can be performed. The portal enables the insight into the data in registers. Due to the integration of state administration and the entire public administration, citizens and legal entities can use a range of services and life events. To make it possible, users have been trained and special educational courses have been organized for civil servants. Public is informed of the possibilities the e-administration portal offers via promotional activities.

The e-administration State Portal has been expanded by upgrading the e-democracy sub-portal, adjusting web sites to be used by people with special needs, designing life events for legal entities, upgrading e-notice board and other contents, optimizing e-administration support systems and integrating central modules of e-business for the public administration. The portal for Italian national community and a portal for Hungarian national community were also set up that also provide access to public administration services. A portal for the elderly and pensioners was introduced as well as electronic staffing in state administration. Training courses were provided to civil servants, officials in local self-government and other bodies and elderly citizens. Throughout this period the satisfaction of users was measured and promotional activities were conducted.


Among the results it should be mentioned that 380 services of e-administration financed from the eadministration project have now been available on the Internet, 493 participants of courses have been trained, and the e-administration development (availability of e-services via the Internet) equals 95 % whereas the average level of satisfaction with the public administration services (assessment between 1 and 5) is 3.85.

An additional important fact is that the e-administration project with its already implemented and planned activities enables the use of public administration services by various target groups including the elderly and people with special needs (speech synthesis product). The e-administration project has been presented as an example of best practice at domestic and international conferences and public events. 


Basic data

Priority orientation: 5.1.: Efficient and effective public administration

Intermediate body: Ministry of Public Administration

Project value: 2,432,104.00 EUR

Project duration: 1. 1. 2007 - 31.12.2010




Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, Kotnikova 5, 1000 Ljubljana

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