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Factory of work – entering the labour market

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The project FACTORY OF WORK – ENTERING THE LABOUR MARKET was implemented in the period between November 2009 and November 2011 with the help of the European Social Fund. In the framework of the project the restaurant “Gostilna dela” was opened. The restaurant employed 5 young people. The project contributed to solving the problem of social exclusion of the vulnerable target group of young people who concluded the programme in the re-education institution of Višnja Gora due to behavioural and emotional and other reasons. In the framework of the project the project operators (CENTERKONTURA Company or consulting, social development, vocational and professional training and publishing, Ltd., the educational institute Višnja Gora and the Society for Developing of Social Programmes and Social Entrepreneurship) were granted 249,201.00 Euros for the period of 24 months out of which the EU contributed 85%.

The project was implemented in the framework of the first cal for proposals for the promotion of the development of social entrepreneurship which was prepared by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs. A special module was established within the project which enabled young people to focus on training and employment in a social enterprise, instead of the too-often social exclusion and unemployment. The module, therefore, helped the deprived youth who are, otherwise, threatened by the processes and mechanisms of disintegration and social exclusion due to poor scholarly achievements, unemployment or personal contact. During the implementation of the project young people acquired knowledge to perform a certain occupation; they also acquired a positive self-image and motivation for inclusion into the labour market.

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In the framework of the project catering and a restaurant were established. The restaurant is located at Poljanska cesta 7 in Ljubljana where 17 young people were trained. They received national professional qualification for the occupation of a chef assistant and waiter. In the restaurant “Gostilna dela” 5 people included in project implementation were employed. They were entrusted with the management of the restaurant. Already during the arrangement of the restaurant area the neighbouring inhabitants were invited to participate in the establishment of the restaurant. This also included “workshop for lunch” in cooperation with a group of 8 young creative people called “Grupo” who joined the project on their own initiative. In the framework of a social event the visitors of the workshops gave proposals for the spatial-design arrangement of the future restaurant, ideas for the menu and distributed free lunch. After the co-financing by the EU funds closed, the restaurant continued with its activity. The restaurant represents an excellent example of best practice of social entrepreneurship in Slovenia.       

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