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Learning to learn

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  • Project name: Training of professional workers to implement a competent approach to teaching with promoting the acquiring of the key competence of learning to learn at all levels of education
  • Project duration: January 2010 – December 2014
  • Total budget: 1,605,070.00 Euros
  • ESF contribution: 1,364,309.50 Euros
  • Number of participants: 4,500 of professional workers in education
  • Organisation:

Faculty of Art of the University of Maribor 

National School for Leadership in Education

Faculty of Art of the University of Ljubljana 

International School for Social and Business Studies Celje


  • About the project:

Learning to learn is at the forefront of numerous school projects and reforms, the competences of learning to learn are also one of the key competences defined in the European Union recommendations. 

The basic reasons are the realisations that with the fast growth of knowledge, the significance of knowledge society and the constant changes, the knowledge that the children traditionally acquire in schools is no longer useful when they need to apply it. This is why it is more important to train pupils to learn better and provide them with the knowledge based on deep learning.  

Ucenje ucenja.JPG
A poster in the assembly of one of the primary schools included in the training 

Training is organised for the entire assemblies of teachers and educators. This stimulates professional discussions about learning at the kindergarten or school level, creates conditions for opening the classrooms, exchanging viewpoints and the learning and teaching practice between colleagues. In cooperation with other teachers, the teachers recognize the social and cultural elements of learning and the significance of the relationship between teachers and pupils. They realise that we learn through participating in the community; they transfer this realisation into their teaching.   

Learning to learn is not a special skill or ability, the workshops do not give any prescriptions; it, rather, promotes a joint search for innovative forms – in the workshops as well as the interim activities. This promotes the general use of learning to learn, with which it does not become something that would require special approaches, extraordinary efforts or acquiring completely new knowledge.   

The work is based on exercising and creative workshops where the teachers assume the role of pupils, who get to know their learning, as well as the role of professionals, who search for new and modern forms of learning and teaching.


Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, Kotnikova 5, 1000 Ljubljana

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