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Subsidy for self-employment

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Under the Operational Programme of Human Resource Development for the period 2007 -2013 the programme has been implemented since 2009.

Then 2,959 newly established companies were co-financed and further 1,180 companies in 2010.

New programme of self-employment was published in 2010 and subsidies were provided to 3,289 people. In total the start of self-employed was subsidized to 7,428 entrepreneurs by the end of 2010. This is a once-off financial assistance amounting to EUR 4,500 that helps many to start their own business and realize their business ideas.

The main objective of the implementation of the »Subsidy for self-employment« programme is the promotion of job creation by promoting self-employment. The objective of the programme is in line with the active employment policy objectives and the Lisbon Strategy policies such as: increased employment and reduced unemployment rate. The objective of the programme is also increased employability of women. The programme’s added value is job creation by promoting the development of entrepreneurship in micro and small companies.

The target group of the programme are unemployed persons and persons in the process of losing employment. Before starting a new business each new entrepreneur must be subject to a professional assessment of an external consultant and attend a free training for entrepreneurship. The beneficiary (Employment Service of Slovenia) that runs the programme implementation refers a person from the target group on the basis of an employment plan, a proposal on the inclusion, certificate of the attendance at the training course for entrepreneurs »Preparation for Self-Employment« and a contract granting the subsidy for self-employment.


N.J. a university graduate in agriculture also became selfemployed. After a couple of months of unemployment she was advised by the consultant in the Employment Service of Slovenia she took a decision to realize her vision. With the assistance of the Subsidy for Self-Employment Programme she managed to turn her hobby into regular employment. As a sole proprietor she provides advice on the construction of the so called ecologically self-sufficient houses made of natural construction materials that are heated by solar energy and have their own constructed wetland.
N.J. has specialized in ecological greening of roofs and façade that contribute to smaller burdening of environment with green house gases and planning pleasure, fruit and vegetable organic gardens. She also promotes healthy organic cosmetics made of ingredients of plant origin and this is why she has been considering the option of further expansion of the business. She was encouraged to set up her own company and within the programme co-financed by the European Social Fund she was provided with a grant amounting to EUR 4,500.00


Basic data

Priority orientation: 1.4.: Promotion of the development of new employment


Intermediate body: Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs

Project value: 5,000,000.00 EUR

Project duration: 1.1.2009 – 31.12.2010


Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, Kotnikova 5, 1000 Ljubljana

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