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  • Project name: Meeting the conditions for the activity of the REUSE centre with green jobs
  • Project duration: December 2010 – December 2014
  • Total budget: 803,278.99 Euros
  • ESF contribution: 682,787.11 Euros
  • Number of participants: 6
  • Organisation: Environmental Research Institute
  • About the project: 

The project is a network project of non-governmental organisations, regional institutions and the support of the private sector. The purpose of the project is to expand to the regional level the already developed practice of meeting the conditions for the activity of the REUSE centre, the purpose of which is to process and reuse waste. In the framework of the project 7 new REUSE centres will be established (social enterprises), which will be joined into a network of REUSE centres. The project enabled the employment of 6 unemployed women, namely by taking the positions of new green jobs: the promoter of the REUSE centre and the coordinator of the REUSE centres network. 

Use reuse.JPG

The long-term objective of the project is to establish a continuous activity of reuse and to spread the network of REUSE centres in Slovenia which will bring employment to the people at a disadvantage, namely at the new locations of the REUSE centres. This is a socially beneficial activity, which is important for the development of the local community, as it reduces long-term unemployment on the one hand and, on the other hand, reduces the quantity of waste. The joint trademark “Center ponovne uporabe” (REUSE centre) was registered. In the framework of the USE REUSE network the trademark is promoted through Slovenia as it wishes to abolish the prejudice of the buyers against used objects which are offered by the REUSE centres. We notice that this prejudice is still present in Slovenia; therefore, the activity of such centres is aggravated, especially from the viewpoint of selling used products. In foreign countries, however, this is a common practice as the reuse centres have been present for over 20 years.              

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