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We choose non-violence and we are free

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  • Project name: Training of professional workers in education in the field of strengthening the competences for the prevention of violence in the period between 2010 and 2012
  • Project duration: October 2010 – July 2012
  • Total budget: 741,590.00 Euros
  • ESF contribution: 630,351.50 Euros
  • Number of participants: 2,900 of professional workers in education
  • Organisation:

ISA institute

Association “Društvo Ključ”

Slovene Philanthropy


  • About the project:

The values of non-violence and the competence to prevent violence are important factors in the realisation of the objective of ensuring a safe and encouraging environment and conditions for a healthy personal development of children and the youth and the overall quality of life. In the prevention of harmful consequences of violence primary prevention plays an important role.   

In the framework of the project Training of professional workers in education in the field of strengthening the competences for the prevention of violence the partners of the consortium designed five training programmes to implement primary preventive programmes with the following objectives: 

  • Information and active inclusion of the employees in the educational institutions with the objective of improving their understanding of the issue of violence, gaining and strengthening of the competences for recognizing violence, adequately responding to violence and providing assistance to the victims of violence   
  • Equip and strengthen children and the youth with important information and skills for self-protective actions
  • Information and active inclusion of professional workers into preventive work with families
  • Information and active inclusion of parents with the objective of enhancing their understanding of the issue of violence, acquiring and strengthening the competences to recognize violence, to appropriately reach and assist the victims of violence  
  • Strengthening of social networks with the help of volunteer work as an important preventive factor
Collage of leaflets and products from the workshops

All the training programmes were 5 day programmes and organized within a wider time frame, divided into two or more phases. With active education and use of applicable, concrete and practical cases, which mitigate the understanding of the presented concepts, the participants included the acquired concepts also into their everyday work. By carrying out interim activities between the individual phases of training and using the materials of high quality they worked individually, transferred the knowledge to collectives, children and their families and tried out in practice the acquired knowledge. In the next phase of education they reflected on the acquired knowledge and exchanged their experiences with the rest of the participants. Under professional guidance of experienced lecturers with specialized knowledge they also had the chance of a supervision treatment of concrete cases of the critical violent situations which they encounter in their working environment.    

Evaluations show that the participants are highly satisfied with the trainings, especially with the expertise and qualification of the lecturers, the usefulness of the presented concepts, practical examples, dynamic and relaxed atmosphere, making contacts with other professional workers and the opening of new paths for an even better cooperation with parents and other institutions. For all the programmes the partners in the project prepared high quality, useful and attractive educational, didactical and promotional material, which is also available at http://www.insem.si/insem/. At this web page you can also find more information about the programmes as well as the material used at the 2 day concluding conference, which is one of the more important achievements of the project.  

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