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Direct incentives for joint development-investment projects – DIP 08 and DIP 09

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In 2008 and 2009, there were two public tenders in the field of competitiveness of companies and the promotion of research excellence: »Direct incentives for joint development-investment projects – DIP 08 and DIP 09« carried out by the Slovenian Technology Agency of the RS (STA).

Direct incentives for joint development -investment projects aim at building joint development potential of companies to develop new products that the companies can be more competitive on the EU and foreign markets.


Under DIP 08 the amount of EUR 42 million was tendered in 2008 of which EUR 35.7 million came from the European Regional Development Fund. In 2009, under DIP 09 the amount of EUR 50 million was tendered that was later increased to EUR 109,467,997 due to huge interest among potential beneficiaries of which EUR 93,047,797 from the European Regional Development Fund.


The objective of the DIP 08 was to co-finance at least 8 developmentinvestment projects and at least 340,000 research hours (200 FTE) in the equivalent of full working time in projects. Under the DIP 09 the objective was the co-financing of at least 16 development-investment projects or the making of at least 1 new product / innovation per individual development-investment project and at least 78,900 research hours (i.e. at least 46 FTE) in the equivalent of full working time.


With direct incentives for joint development-investment projects – DIP 08 and DIP 09 Slovenia formed innovation environment that encouraged companies to connect and cooperate with research institutions (faculties, institutes, technology centres).


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