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Renovation and modernisation of mountain refuges

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The tender objective is to increase the quality of accommodation and catering in mountain refuges and thus attract more visitors and contribute to the development of tourist destinations.

In Slovene mountains there are more than 7,000 kilometres of marked paths, 165 mountain huts, refuges and bivouacs. According to the information provided by the Mountain Association of Slovenia about 3 million tourists or hikers visit Slovene mountains every year.

Hiking has become more and more popular activity since people have become aware that with our daily routine we have alienated from the nature. This is in particular true in urban areas. Due to urban constrictedness and insufficient physical activities but with simultaneous spread of sports, people are attracted to physical exercise in nature and mountains enriched with aesthetic pleasures that magnificent mountains can offer, getting to know something new and improved self-esteem.

These people are motivated to do something that makes them feel good and actively spend leisure time in contact with nature, charge the batteries and preserve physical strength and vitality and get to know natural and cultural heritage. Slovenia with its diversity and accessibility provides ideal conditions for these activities.

This type of tourism is gaining popularity and therefore the financial assistance for the renovation and modernisation of the mountain refuges is more than welcome and necessary in the spirit of promoting sustainable tourism development as well as health and well-being of people.

Indicative amount of grant for the renovation and modernisation of mountain refuges equalled EUR 1,500,000 of which EUR 1,275,000 was provided from the European Regional Development Fund. 22 applicants were successful and 7 projects have already been completed.


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