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Tourism infrastructure of the Škocjan Caves Park

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The project of investing into tourism infrastructure of the Skocjan Caves Park is an investment in the preservation and protection of the natural and cultural heritage as well as its enhanced recognition.

The Škocjan Caves remain the only monument in Slovenia and the Classical Karst region on UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites.

The project consisted of three sets of activities:

  1. Renovation of the tourist path through the Mahorčič and Marinič Caves and Mala Dolina: the tourist path through the Mahorčič and Marinič Caves and Mala Dolina was set up in 1932 and 1933 and was used until 1965 when it was badly damaged by deteriorating flood. Since then this beautiful part of the Caves could no longer be included into the tourist offer of the Škocjan Caves because the path was no longer safe. The investment into the restoration of the tourist path through the Mahorčič and Marinič Caves and Mala Dolina covers all the works (new paving of tourist paths, new railings and walls, the renovation of bridges, reconstruction of stairs and landings) required to grant safe passing of tourists through this part of the Caves. After the restoration the visitors were offered additional possibility of guided tours and learning about Karst phenomena. Additional visiting sights will partly disburden the load in the existing part of the Caves intended for guided tours and thus also negative impacts related to the increasing annual number of tourists will decrease.

  2. Conversion of the facility at Matavun 8 to a promotional congress centre: the facility at Matavun 8 is a quite big building on the other side of the village next to the path that used to bring tourists into the Mahorčič Cave. In the past, the house served as a tavern, guest house with accommodation for tourists and represents important cultural heritage in the Park and a special regime applies to this house. After the renovation it will host permanent and temporary exhibitions and other events. The furniture in the rooms will picture the history of this place and the way of life.

  3. Renovation of a lift at the exit from the Škocjan Caves in Velika Dolina: the existing oblique lift was made in 1986 and gradually became out-of-date. With the years and increasing number of visitors the need became apparent for increased capacity of the booth. The renovation of the lift resulted in improved safety of visitors and their flow (from 30 to 40 persons and electricity consumption reduced by 40%).
The described project activities will help to preserve and protect the nature in the Caves and the Park, the cultural heritage, tradition and the Park’s characteristics, moderate increase of the number of tourists and ensure more positive impacts in the environment.
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